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Palma Violets

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Our incredible Palma Violet 7 inch shorts are printed on a luxurious violet pure base material, which is buttery soft and silky smooth to the touch. They have 2 discrete hip/thigh pockets, large enough to fit any phone, along with a third discrete zip pocket in the waistband - a girl can never have enough pockets in their shorts, right? 

Our shorts are made from the most incredibly soft but supportive material.  Perfectly compressed making them ideal for sport, but so light you hardly know you are wearing them. Our leggings and capris are all squat proof and come with what our customers refer to as our 'magic DBS band'. Our waistband tucks you in whilst providing you with great support. No yanking or tugging required with our leggings, once they are in place, they stay in place.

Features include: 
  • High waistband for extra support and comfort
  • Rear zip pocket large enough for a phone
  • 2 hip/thigh pockets
  • Removable drawstring tie
  • Flat stitched seams to prevent irritation
  • Triangle gusset 
  • 27% spandex 73% polyester
  • Reflective DBS logo

As the material is compressed we suggest sizing up if you are between sizes. They are a snug fit as they are designed to give you the ultimate performance for sport.